Thrive Rural Theory of Change Working Group

The Theory of Change Working Group for Thrive Rural is a broad array of leading practitioners, academics, and experts from the fields of health, community building, and community and economic development.

Their goal is to structure a detailed “theory of change” to the question: What will it take to create dynamic, sustainable rural communities where all people can realize their full potential and live healthy lives?

Nancy Van Milligen, a white womam, headshot
Nancy Van Milligen

President & CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Ed Sivak, a white man, headshot
Ed Sivak

Executive Vice President of Policy and Communications, Hope Enterprise Corporation

John Molinaro, a white man, headshot
John Molinaro

President and CEO, Appalachian Partnership inc.

Karen Minyard, a white woman, headshot
Karen Minyard

CEO, Georgia Health Policy Center

David Lipsetz, a white man, headshot
David Lipsetz

CEO, Housing Assistance Council

Megan Hess, a white woman, headshot
Megan Hess

Rural Organizing Director, We the People

Stephanie Gutierrez, a woman of color, headshot
Stephanie Gutierrez

Owner & Director of Programs and Community Engagement, Hope Nation LLC

Ernesto de la Rosa, a latino man, headshot
Ernestor De La Rosa

Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer, Topeka, Kansas

Calvin Allen, a Black man, headshot
Calvin Allen

Director, Rural Forward NC

Charlie Alfero, a white man, headshot
Charlie Alfero

Executive Advisor, The Center for Health Innovation

Mark Haggerty, a white man, headshot
Mark Haggerty

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group