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Using the Thrive Rural Framework: Targeting Action

Use the Thrive Rural Framework to design and implement initiatives and programs focusing on priority issues and connecting to local...

Using the Thrive Rural Framework: Gauging Progress

The Thrive Rural Framework can help you set goals and track progress over time. You can use this information to...

Using the Thrive Rural Framework: TAKING STOCK

Communities use many different tools to analyze conditions and help set priorities. Alongside other key tools, the Thrive Rural Framework...

Three women talk during a conference
Learning Through Convening: TOP Conferences for Rural Prosperity

Check out some top conferences focused on advancing equitable rural prosperity.

Ensuring Rural Communities Welcome Everyone

Dec. 9th, 2022, 1PM

How can we work to ensure that each and every person is welcomed to the community, feels connected, and is able to exercise and influence power in community decision-making?

Thrive Rural Framework Assessment Worksheet

We have the opportunity to build thriving, prosperous, healthy rural communities and Native nations where each and every person belongs...

Thrive Rural Framework: Building Blocks

To spark new ways of thinking, the Thrive Rural Framework is designed to be looked at in many ways. At...

Ten Media Sources Focused on Rural Communities and Native Nations

Check out our roundup of ten media sources highlighting important issues about and to rural communities and Native nations.

Older adult woman standing and older adult man sitting next to snacks
What is the Community Prosperity Approach?

An equitable community prosperity approach seeks to improve health and economic outcomes for rural communities, not simply to preserve their current status.

Map of capacity in rural America
Rural Capacity Map

To help identify communities with limited capacity, Headwaters Economics created a new Rural Capacity Index.

Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action — Executive Summary

Executive Summary document for Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action. Get quick takeaways and recommendations for action.

Image of report cover. Text reads, Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: Five Principles to Improve Health and Economic Outcomes for Rural Communities and Native Nations
Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action

Need actionable steps in your equitable disaster preparedness or recovery work? This report highlights best practices from the field.