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We approach all of our work with a humble and curious mindset, eager to learn and collaborate.

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Rural Workforce 2000: Skill Upgrading and the Rural Economy, 1970-2000

Report seeks to address the importance of upgrading the skill levels of rural works to match the skill levels of available jobs.

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Advancing the Next Generation of Rural and Indigenous Leaders

Feb. 10th, 2023, 1PM

How is your community thinking and acting on the issue of next generation leadership?

Strategies to Address Rural Flooding

Insights from practitioners in rural places experiencing repeated disasters on what it will take to for rural communities to drive their own solutions.

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101 Ideas For Stimulating Rural Entrepreneurship and New Business Development

Report outlines ways States can stimulate business development by nurturing and rewarding entrepreneurial activity.

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Organize an Action Infrastructure

Communities have the local and regional institutions, policies, systems, data, information, media, and resources needed to establish, align and achieve priorities that increase both well-being and equity.

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Designing Development Strategies in Small Towns

Paper highlights need for competent assessment of community resources and opportunities alongside more effective local planning and action.

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Rural Community College Excellence

A new report by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program identifies four pathways that the best rural and Tribal community colleges use to capitalize on strengths and overcome challenges to achieve student success.

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Shared Prosperity: Building Power Towards an Equitable Rural Economy

Oct. 13th, 2021, 11AM

Building power and capacity within groups on the economic and social margins is a crucial component for strong, healthy and economically diverse rural communities.

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Gaps in Our Understanding of Rural Communities

Paper outlines efforts by the Rural Economic Policy Program to qualitatively expand base of knowledge about rural conditions relating to labor and income distribution.

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Re-envisioning Rural America Tool

This tool classifies rural census tracts by their asset types from the Urban Institute. By illustrating the varied realities of...

Understanding State Economies Through Industry Studies

Paper describes key analytical concepts that have shaped some of the most effective efforts in state economic development research and policy formulation.