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Rural Revitalization and Telecommunications: A Study of Four Communities

This study seeks to examine common economic revitalization assumptions against the actual experience of the people living in the communities where some new applications of telecommunications services are based.

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Naturally Balanced: What does it take to steward the land and grow rural prosperity?

Rural and Native communities have been stewarding the land for generations. Many are using new ways of growing nature and...

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Rural Telecommunications Meeting Summary

Summary of meeting of telecommunications and rural development professionals from across the United States held to review the status of rural telecommunications and to recommend courses of action to advance the field.

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This Is What Capacity Looks Like: Building Development Muscle in Rural and Native Nation Communities

Nov. 30th, 2021, 3PM

It is often said that rural and tribal communities and organizations need more capacity to fully engage or solve problems in their regions. But what, exactly, equals “capacity”?

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Rural Data for Analysis and Change

Federal and state governments collect and provide a wide range of readily available critical data on rural place, economy and population conditions, and outcomes at the sub-county level – down to census tracts.

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Poverty Research and Policy for Rural America

Paper argues that researchers and policymakers should take what was then a renewed interest in poverty and welfare reform to direct increased attention to rural poverty.

Reframing Natural Resource Economies

Apr. 20th, 2017, 11AM

This third America’s Rural Opportunity panel will focus on rural innovators who steward the nations’ natural resources and use those resources to create jobs and businesses. These innovators are rethinking and rebuilding rural economies around principles of sustainability.

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Branch Plants and Rural Development in the Age of Globalization

Book provides insight into changing status of branch firm manufacturing in rural areas in light of increasing globalization trends.

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Sarah Rodman-Alvarez

Bauccio Endowed Executive Director of the Randall Lewis Center for Well-Being and Research at the University of La Verne

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The Rural Aperture Project: Leveraging data to gain new insights into rural America

The Rural Aperture Project from the Center on Rural Innovation is intended to provide all those advancing rural prosperity — from practitioners...

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Residents’ perceptions and attitudes about limited stakes casino gambling and its impact on community life

Document shows copy of small-stakes gambling survey based on resident opinion.

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How Family Farms Deal with Unexpected Financial Stress (final report)

This paper's purpose is to facilitate effective decision making by individual farm families, non-farm persons in rural communities, and local to national public policy makers as they considered their responses to the unexpected farm financial reversals of the 1980s.