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Building Funder Capacity to Work with Communities: A Rural Environmental Justice Case Study

This short case study has insights and tips on how funders are shifting gears to learn communities’ processes and practices, enabling more equitable partnerships and impactful projects that meet community needs.

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Limited Access: Health Care for the Rural Poor

Researchers argue for along term restructuring of the health insurance system and a policy to insure that health care services are widely available if needed.

Local Innovation Strengthening Rural Economies panel speakers
Local Innovation Strengthening Rural Economies

Feb. 10th, 2017, 12PM

America’s Rural Opportunity is a six-part series of panel conversations that invites policymakers, economic and community development practitioners, and business and philanthropic leaders to engage in real dialogue around advancing a rural opportunity agenda.

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Small Towns, Big Picture: Rural Development in a Changing Economy

Report focuses on refining efforts to take advantage of changing rural economic development opportunities through grounding them in an understanding of certain related and long-term trends.

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USDA RD Walk Through Example: Annual Household Income

What the USDA RD looks for when reviewing the lender's annual income calculation.

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This Is What Capacity Looks Like: Building Development Muscle in Rural and Native Nation Communities

Nov. 30th, 2021, 3PM

It is often said that rural and tribal communities and organizations need more capacity to fully engage or solve problems in their regions. But what, exactly, equals “capacity”?

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Multivariate Analysis of Factors Associated with Earnings Inadequacy in the Rural U.S.: 1979-1987

Paper examines income variations among rural families through examining the ratio of a worker's annual earnings compared to the poverty level for a family of four.

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Draft Report on Financial service Industries in Rural Areas

Draft report seeks to analyze effect of technological innovation and deregulation on financial services industries in rural areas.

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When Low Wages Aren’t Enough Anymore: Prospects for Remote Branch Plant Regions in the International Economy

Paper highlights lack of competition that rural communities provide given out-sourcing and low-wage production sites in developing nations.

Building Trust with Immigrant Families Report Cover
Building Trust with Immigrant and Refugee Families: Spreading and Adapting 2Gen Working Practices

Trust between social service organizations and their clients is crucial to effectively provide services to immigrant and refugee families. Our...

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Felecia Lucky

President, Black Belt Community Foundation

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Skill Assessment, Job Placement, and Training: What Can Be Learned from the Temporary Help/Staffing Industry?

Final report of project entitled the "Rural Economic and Community Development State Policy Academy."