Rural Equity Research Advisors

The Rural Equity Research Advisors (RERA) is composed of academic researchers focusing on rural development issues — with a particular focus on issues impacting rural communities of color. This group convenes to identify gaps, understand and promote current research, and advise/author upcoming briefs. The RERA was formed in consultation with researchers Brian Dabson and Marjory Givens, who provide ongoing strategic guidance and support. 

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Marybeth Gasman, a white woman, headshot
Marybeth Gasman

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Endowed Chair in Education and a Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University

Miriam Jorgensen, a white woman, headshot
Miriam Jorgensen

Research Director of the University of Arizona Native Nations Institute

Sarah Rodman Alvarez, headshot
Sarah Rodman-Alvarez

Bauccio Endowed Executive Director of the Randall Lewis Center for Well-Being and Research at the University of La Verne

Dr Veronica Womack, a Black woman, headshot
Veronica Womack

Professor of Political Science & Public Administration at Georgia College

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group