Rural Action Roundtable on Equity

The Rural Action Roundtable on Equity (RARE) serves as Aspen CSG’s equity partner, providing strategic direction, setting priorities, building relationships, and ensuring critical analysis to guide Aspen CSG’s work.

RARE is composed of leading rural practitioners and thought leaders. Their leadership has been instrumental in guiding and grounding the ongoing development and implementation of the Thrive Rural Framework.

Together, Aspen CSG and RARE focus on building and connecting the field of equitable rural development and content using a race, place, and class equity lens to ground and proof our analysis, content, and strategies.

Brandy Bynum Dawson

Senior Program Director for Rural Prosperity and Investment, MDC

Lakota Vogel, a white woman, headshot
Lakota Vogel

Executive Director, Four Bands Community Fund

Stephanie Tyree, headshot
Stephanie Tyree

Executive Director, WV Community Development Hub

Jessica Stago, a woman of color, headshot
Jessica Stago

Director of Business Incubator, Change Labs

Ines Polonius, a white woman, headshot
Ines Polonius

CEO, Communities Unlimited, Inc.

Felicia Lucky, a Black woman, headshot
Felecia Lucky

President, Black Belt Community Foundation

Janice Ikeda, an Asian woman, headshot
Janice Ikeda

Executive Director, Vibrant Hawaiʻi

Zoraima Diaz, a woman of color, headshot
Zoraima Diaz-Pineda

Director of Policy, Impact and Innovation, cdcb | come dream. come build.

Ernesto de la Rosa, a latino man, headshot
Ernestor De La Rosa

Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer, Topeka, Kansas

Nils Christoffersen, a white man, headshot
Nils Christoffersen

Executive Director, Wallowa Resources

Justin Archer Burch, a white man, headshot
Justin Burch

Program Director, Workforce Development, Rural LISC

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group