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USDA RD Program and Services Interactive Map

This interactive map provides relevant USDA grant and loan programs for each state.

usda ReConnect Program: Demonstration of the Public Filing Tool

This tutorial includes information on how to search for PNFs (Public Notice Filings), submit a Public Notice Response (PNR), subscribe...

Rural america placemaking toolkit

The Rural America Placemaking Toolkit is a resource guide to showcase a variety of placemaking activities, projects, and success stories...

President seal logo and USDA logo
substance use disorder and opioid misuse Community Toolkit

This community toolbox gathers dozens of federal resources in one place to help communities address substance use disorder and opioid...

The White House graphic logo
Child Tax Credit & Earned Income Tax Credit Toolkit 

This White House toolkit provides information on receiving the two tax credits. For more information, see the Center for the...

Map of the US
Mapping Rural Colleges

This interactive map features rural colleges across the US. Users can filter their search by location type, sector, and rurality.

Map of the United States
rural-serving institution Data Tool

This tool maps our nation’s rural-serving post-secondary institutions, created by ARRC (Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges). There is limited...

color-coded map of the United States
Re-envisioning Rural America Tool

This tool classifies rural census tracts by their asset types from the Urban Institute. By illustrating the varied realities of...

Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool

This interactive map helps identify disadvantaged communities across the US that are marginalized, underserved, and overburdened by pollution. The map...

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