Advancing Regional Action Infrastructure

Thrive Rural Open Field Session

Tuesday, July 18, 1 – 3 pm ET

Our discussion topic: What does it take to advance regional action infrastructure? How are you and your community strengthening regional networks and working across communities, for example, through food access or new regional markets? Do you act as a rural development hub within your community? What networks and relationships have you built to take advantage of new opportunities? How do equity, fairness, local ownership, and better health outcomes inform your efforts? Join the discussion to share your story. 

The challenge: With rural’s wide geographies and low population densities, it can seem impossible to coordinate complex health equity and economic development efforts across rural regions. The need for regional coordination quickly comes into focus in situations like recovery from natural disasters, but coordination is also a consistent need for everyday regional activities like food production and markets. 

The opportunity: Rural communities need formal and informal mechanisms that enable local people, agencies, and groups to work together across interests, both within one community and across places in the region, to plan wisely and to access and take advantage of every opportunity. That means having organizational structures and networks that can help with shared community planning and development, organizing partnerships and implementation, and receiving and pooling funds from multiple sources.

We want you to join the discussion! This conversation will be enriched by people interested in sharing or learning about techniques for growing stronger regional networks and economies. Please think about a success story or experience you’d like to share. 

The gathering will be moderated by Bonita Robertson-Hardy, Aspen CSG’s Co-Executive Director. You don’t have to share your voice to participate in the event; we encourage you to send insights in the chat or simply listen. All are welcome.

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group