Research Brief
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Connecting Minority-Serving institutions and Rural Research

Exploring the potential for MSIs to produce more rural research and integrate rural perspectives into established and developing rural-focused research systems. 

Research Brief
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Building Trust and Visibility Through Community-Based Participatory Research at Rural Minority-Serving Institutions

This research brief explores how rural MSIs and approaches to community-based participatory research can be used to better understand MSIs’ nature and practices.

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Rural Community College Excellence

A new report by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program identifies four pathways that the best rural and Tribal community colleges use to capitalize on strengths and overcome challenges to achieve student success.

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Mapping Rural Colleges

This interactive map features rural colleges across the US. Users can filter their search by location type, sector, and rurality.

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rural-serving institution Data Tool

This project developed a metric for identifying rural-serving postsecondary institutions and offers a range of publicly available data products and tools to promote research about these critical institutions.

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Growing Language Skills with Immigrant Families: Spreading and Adapting 2Gen Working Practices

Oct. 14th, 2021, 2PM

Whether it is written or spoken, language and dialect differences are a potential barrier to providing quality 2Gen programs to immigrant families, as well as successfully connecting them to employment, housing, education and other opportunities.

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Building Trust with Immigrant Families: Spreading and Adapting 2Gen Working Practices

Aug. 12th, 2021, 2PM

Learn how community-based non-profits can develop deeper relationships with their immigrant family clients, how school systems can provide safe spaces to develop stronger relationships among parents, children and teachers, and how home visiting programs can increase participation by hiring and retaining staff that immigrant families trust.

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Growing Language Skills with Immigrant and Refugee Families: Spreading and Adapting 2Gen Working Practices

What can be done to help immigrant families with the language barrier as they work on improving their language skills?...

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Helping Rural Students Head to College in Uncertain Times

In early March, a group of experts and practitioners came together to discuss the challenges rural students face in pursuing...

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Greater Expectations: The South’s Workforce is The South’s Future

Paper states Southern workforce should direct policy focus on skill training to keep up with changing economic tides and industries.

Research Brief
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Demographic Change and the Human Capital Endowment of Rural America

Brief provides an overview of facts and issues pertaining to demographic change and human capital levels in rural America.