Thrive Rural Framework Assessment Worksheet

We have the opportunity to build thriving, prosperous, healthy rural communities and Native nations where each and every person belongs and lives with dignity. We call this outcome: equitable rural prosperity. To get there, we need ways of thinking and acting that are powerful enough to move communities to action, build shared purpose across regions, and change the status quo.

The Thrive Rural Framework weaves together current community innovations and tested approaches for a wide range of issues integral to achieving equitable rural prosperity that is both sustainable and durable.

This worksheet will help you use the framework to consider your work and what action might be next based on where you are right now.

Helpful Links:
  • The Foundational Element of the framework requires identifying and dismantling historical and ongoing discriminatory practices that disadvantage rural people and places. Much historical and existing exclusion has negatively affected rural people and rural areas based on race, place, and class equity.
  • To spark new ways of thinking, the Thrive Rural Framework is designed to be looked at in many ways. At its core, the framework identifies building blocks for equitable prosperity at the local and systems levels.
Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group