Post Institute II: State Activities

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Document provides summary of state activities following involvement in the Investing in People (IIP) policy development project.

Three of the five states involved were successful in passing legislation- Connecticut, Kentucky and West Virginia. Connecticut’s legislation outlines public incentives for high performance work organization, employment and training provisions, and school-to-work career certification. Kentucky passed legislation that established the Workforce Development Cabinet as the responsible party for the administration of an adult education learning system.

West Virginia passed legislation establishing a state Human Resource Investment Council. Washington attempted to pass legislation supporting the delivery of modernization services to key industries, but the proposed legislation ultimately failed. Iowa, whose focus was on building support for workforce development efforts in the state, providing briefing on the issues that were discussed in the IIP project. These discussions were included in the Iowa State Human Investment Policy Council, the recommendations were legislatively mandated in mid-1993, but never received the funding needed.

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