Strategies to Address Rural Flooding

Insights from practitioners in rural places experiencing repeated disasters on what it will take to for rural communities to drive their own solutions.

Case Study
When Communities Keep Flooding: A Rural Environmental Justice Case Study

This short case study has insights and tips on addressing the causes and conditions contributing to flooding in rural places, as well as to envision and build thriving futures of equitable rural prosperity.

Advancing Rural Health Equity Through Partnerships, Data, And Finance

Partners for Rural Transformation

Partnerships and data-driven strategies are essential for addressing health disparities in rural America. Learn more from an event hosted by the Partners for Rural Transformation and the Urban Institute.

The Equity of Economic Opportunity in Rural America

The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI)

Research on rural America’s economic opportunity from CORI highlights growing disparities due to the knowledge economy’s focus on urban areas. It emphasizes the need for equitable policy and investment in rural regions to address systemic inequities and enable rural participation in the knowledge economy.

Resilience and Recovery: Insights from the July 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flood

Housing Assistance Council (HAC)

Reflecting on the Eastern Kentucky flood in 2022, the Housing Assistance Council highlighted challenges limiting the resilience of rural communities, including the prohibitive cost of flood insurance, affordable housing shortages, and floods affecting the labor force.

The Rural Aperture Project: Leveraging Data to Gain New Insights Into Rural America

Center on Rural Innovation (CORI)

The Rural Aperture Project uses data to redefine rural America’s narrative, focusing on its diversity and economic realities. This resource, essential for practitioners and policymakers, offers accessible data for informed rural development strategies and storytelling.

Federal Farm Bill: Big Impacts in Rural Communities

Rural Development Initiatives (RDI)

Despite its name, the Farm Bill impacts far more than just farmers and ranchers. It’s a complex package of federal legislation signed into law every five years that has sweeping effects. Rural Development Initiatives explains what’s in the Farm Bill and what it could mean for rural communities if the Farm Bill is not extended.

Resources to Advance Rural Prosperity & Racial Equity

ChangeLab Solutions

Resilience and ingenuity are hallmarks of rural communities, stemming from their unique cultural and social histories. Given the diversity and varied strengths in rural places, policy solutions need to be tailored to the conditions and lived experiences of people in those communities.

Person looking through binoculars is birdwatching near a body of water
Learning to Grow Equitable Outdoor Recreation Economies

Discussion with rural leaders on the opportunity equitable outdoor recreation economies pose to rural areas.

Broadband Connection in Rural Communities

ChangeLab Solutions

Improving rural broadband is key to enhancing health, education, and economic equity. It ensures access to health and emergency services and reduces the digital divide that disproportionately affects BIPOC and low-income families. Explore how increasing capital access and flexible policy strategies can advance rural life.

Research Brief
Equitable Food systems report cover
Using Networks To Build Collaborative And Equitable Food Systems

This brief focuses on local food systems as vehicles for collaboration and racial equity among multiple stakeholders and networks.

outdoor rec report page cover
Mapping a New Terrain: Call to Action

As new rural outdoor recreation economies take root, we can meet this moment by improving how we do outdoor recreation development to better support rural families, businesses, and workers, create more sustainable and equitable economic systems, and improve local health and wellbeing.