Homelessness in Rural Places: Perspectives from Update New York

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This article seeks to provide insight on rural homelessness based on field research in scattered rural communities in New York State.

Article suggests research-based strategies for preventing and responding to homelessness that would be appropriate for rural people and rural communities. Author points to trends in downsized manufacturing ,increase in overseas assembly, and shift from manufacturing to service-sector jobs as just some of the reasons for a deteriorating rural workforce.

Several key findings: The rural low-cost housing stock, relative to demand ,has diminished, Rural rents are rising, increasing unstable marriages. Policy solutions include standard short term policy response (increase shelters, case shelters). Long term policy solutions include increase housing, increase rental subsidies, increase small-scale housing projects, increase and expand housing rehabilitation grants, institute local level monitoring of rural housing stock, develop market regulations on housing costs, increase public housing unit inspections

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group