Rural Narratives

How to Fund Narrative Ecosystems


How can philanthropy effectively support narratives of liberation? This blog shares some implications for the practice of grantmaking and capacity building.

Messaging Resources for Equity

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

RWJF created several resources to help talk about issues of health equity and structural racism in health.

Changing the Narrative

NBC News

NBC News explores how individuals and communities are coming together to overcome a history of racial trauma and inequity and how all communities can support racial healing.

Othering and Belonging Resource Page

Othering and Belonging Institute

The Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley advances groundbreaking approaches to transforming structural marginalization and inequality.

Language & Learning Resource for Non-Indigenous People

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Language matters; the words we use carry power. This resource is for those who wish to expand their understanding of Indigenous communities and how they intersect with the philanthropic sector.

Queer youth in celebratory gathering
Rural and Native Celebrations of the LGBTQ+ Community

A collection of rural, queer organizations and stories about rural communities and Native nations celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Explore these moments to learn more about how queer people are celebrated in rural spaces. 

Brookings logo
Rural Policy Resources

A collection of resources provided by the Brookings Institution emerging from their rural research.

West Virginia News & Stories

Black By God

Black by God (BBG) is at the forefront of community-led news and storytelling in West Virginia. They are committed to showcasing the diverse experiences of Black and BIPOC communities in the Appalachian region.

Case Study
Practitioners with name tags sharing to a group off camera
Communicating for Connection: West Virginia Community Development Hub

This short case study has insights and tips on how rural development practitioners can move beyond neutrality and still communicate effectively with community members from across the political spectrum.

coins over a one dollar bill.
Commentary: Challenging Everything We Know about Funding as a Path to Thriving Rural Communities

In an op-ed for Daily Yonder, Bonita Robertson-Hardy of the Community Strategies Group writes on how rural communities, funders, and other stakeholders’ approach to economic development can mean the difference between success and stagnation.

Case Study
Smiling colleagues sitting together in a meeting room.
Translating Federal Opportunities into Local Resources: Ada Jobs Foundation

This short case study has insights and tips on how rural communities with limited staffing and resources can understand, prepare for, and compete for finite federal funds.

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Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit

The PolicyLink Housing Justice Narrative Initiative’s toolkit offers a scaffolding for us to stay centered in the future we are...