Funding & Capital Access


Insights and recommendations to do rural development and rural health differently—moving collectively toward equitable rural development with projects grounded in place and a people-centered vision of community impact.

Funding Rural Futures: Call to Action

What it will take to make more flexible and responsive funding available to organizations serving low-income and persistent poverty rural regions?

Shifting Funding to Meet Community Needs

Insights and learnings from rural practitioners and funders on how funders can work to transform their thinking and action to better support their communities.

Community Foundation Approaches to Housing Impact Investing

Apr. 29th, 2024, 2PM

Come share and learn how community foundations are finding innovative ways to use investment portfolios to partner with local developers & increase housing stock.

Thriving Communities Technical Assistance

Housing and Urban Development

The Thriving Communities Technical Assistance (TCTA) program, funded in FY 2022 with $5 million, is designed to support coordination and integration of transportation and housing in infrastructure planning and implementation.

Economic Recovery Corps


Explore the 65 catalytic projects that ERC Fellows will be advancing over the next 2.5 years alongside local host organizations and communities across the United States, U.S. Territories, and Tribal Nations.

Broadband technician working
Designing Scalable Co-Funding Solutions for Broadband and Digital Equity

Resources and learnings for rural communities to participate in the new federal funding available for high-speed broadband internet.

In It For Rural Resources: A ROADS Event Recap

Resources and learnings from webinar on new federal opportunities for funding and technical assistance for rural America.

Appalachia – Fed Communities Case Study

Fed Communities

Appalachian Funders Network, an organization formed in 2010 to drive collaborative partnerships to support the region, works to accelerate an equitable Appalachian transition by convening and connecting funders for learning, analysis, and collaboration.

Building Community Capacity in Rural East Texas


What would it look like for rural civic infrastructure to thrive, not just survive, in the 21st century? Work in East Texas, where T.L.L. Temple and Communities Unlimited are teaming to develop bottom-up structural solutions to building rural capacity.

Zoom meeting panel of Rural Opportunity and Development Sessions speakers
Learning to Seize the Moment with Regional Collaboration

Event recap blog with resources and big-picture insights on working regionally to increase capacity to drawn down federal funding.

Honing in On Home: Breaking Barriers in BIPOC Homeownership

Partners for Rural Transformation (PRT)

A cornerstone of the “American Dream” is owning a home. For many in rural America, this vision seems nearly impossible, especially for people of color. PRT and HOPE examine policies and lending practices to help address the challenges they face and close homeownership gaps.