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Case Study
Communities Need Safe Drinking Water: A Rural Environmental Justice Case Study

This short case study has insights on what will it take for rural communities to drive their own clean water solutions and breaks down the structural challenges that keep rural communities from accessing clean water solutions.

Agricultural fields at sunrise
Funders Shift Thinking to Meet Community Needs

Apr. 11th, 2024, 2PM

Fair treatment and meaningful involvement require agencies and funders to shift gears and meet communities where they are. What does it take to make this shift so that communities are treated fairly and meaningfully involved in the funding process?

Agricultural fields at sunrise
The Injustice of Repeated Flooding

Jan. 30th, 2024, 2PM

What structural challenges keep rural communities from addressing repeated flooding? What will it take for rural communities to drive their own solutions to repeated flooding?

Idaho – Fed Communities Case Study

Fed Communities

As executive director and founder of Idaho Partners for Good, Blossom helps nonprofits in the state to be successful in impacting their communities. A blog about Idaho.

American flag in front of US capitol
What’s in it for rural? Accessing rural resources in the IIJA, CHIPs, and IRA

Jan. 31st, 2024, 2PM

Join this webinar to hear opportunities that are most significant to rural communities in this historic legislation and what can help unlock investment to meet their needs.

Transforming A Rural Community


A Neighborworks blog on exploring a comprehensive approach to transforming a rural community in Vermont.

Case Study
When Communities Keep Flooding: A Rural Environmental Justice Case Study

This short case study has insights and tips on addressing the causes and conditions contributing to flooding in rural places, as well as to envision and build thriving futures of equitable rural prosperity.

Better Arguments Stories

The Better Arguments Project

American civic life doesn’t need fewer arguments; it needs better arguments. Find stories of communities coming together through better arguments.

Othering and Belonging Resource Page

Othering and Belonging Institute

The Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley advances groundbreaking approaches to transforming structural marginalization and inequality.

Community Engagement and Clean Tech

Time Magazine

An article on: Why Better Community Engagement is Key to The Future of Clean Tech.

Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design

CIRD empowers local citizens to use their unique artistic and cultural resources to guide local development and shape the future design of their communities.

Field Based Rural Placemaking:  Event Recap

This post-event blog has concrete rural placemaking strategies and takeaways relevant to communities of every size.