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Ten Media Sources Focused on Rural Communities and Native Nations

Check out our roundup of ten media sources highlighting important issues about and to rural communities and Native nations.

Ground Truth from Rural Practitioners. Findings from a survey of US rural practitioners with insights on the characteristics, expertise and needs of rural-serving organizations.
Ground Truth from Rural Practitioners

Every day, organizations are working hard to improve the economy and livelihoods of residents in rural and tribal communities in...

Natural disaster response workers moving sand bags
The Calm Before the Storm: Disaster Planning and Rural Resilience

Flooding, tornadoes, drought, wildfire, and other extreme weather events cause major disruption and damage wherever they occur and have potential...

Enduring Capital for Rural Prosperity Report Cover
Principal Ideas: How Can We Secure Enduring Capital for Equitable Rural Prosperity?

This third in the Thrive Rural Field Perspectives series offers a call to action to restructure and reorient public, private...

Research Brief
Rural Health Practices Report Cover
Rural Development and Rural Health Practices: Trends and Opportunities for Alignment

This first in the Thrive Rural Field Perspective Series describes the main trends and catalysts for change that emerged from...

Turning Points: Doing Rural Development Differently report cover
Turning Points: Doing Rural Development Differently

This book chapter highlights six action principles to “do economic development differently”—principles that shifts from the risky “winner takes all”...

Community Strategies Group Thrive Rural, Rural Development: A Scan of Field Practice and Trends, by Brian Dabson and Chitra Kumar
Rural Development: A Scan of Field Practice and Trends

What must happen for economic development to foster a more prosperous, healthier, equitable and environmentally sustainable rural America? This scan...

Aerial view of small mountain town
For Our Clean Energy Economy Future, It’s Time to Tap Rural Innovation

Rural communities are integral to our nation’s economy, culture, history, and the environmental services that we all depend on. Yet...

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Federal Rural Policy Scan: Rebuild Rural America Act of 2021

With a new administration in Washington, we can expect many proposals for shifting the direction of rural policy and programming....

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Redesign Required: Four Ideas for Reimagining Federal Rural Policy in the COVID-19 Era

This is the second in a series (see Part 1) on how to ensure development investments that are part of...

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Championing Rural Initiative: The Rural Development Innovation Group at Four Years

Over the past four years, the Rural Development Innovation Group has identified and highlighted what’s working in rural community and...

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Building Better Fundamentals for Rural Progress

Sector-specific solutions dominate rural policy. We often hear about rural health, rural water, rural housing, broadband, agriculture. These are pieces...