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Building Better Fundamentals for Rural Progress

Sector-specific solutions dominate rural policy. We often hear about rural health, rural water, rural housing, broadband, agriculture. These are pieces...

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Helping Rural Students Head to College in Uncertain Times

In early March, a group of experts and practitioners came together to discuss the challenges rural students face in pursuing...

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A Few Things to Know About Rural America

Knowing what is true about rural places and people is a challenge. Too often, people lump all of rural America...

Image of report cover with text Revealing Rural Realities: What Fuels Inaccurate and Incomplete Coverage of Rural Issues?
Revealing Rural Realities: What Fuels Inaccurate and Incomplete Coverage of Rural Issues?

This report underscores and articulates how ongoing changes in the structure and business of media and journalism contribute to the...

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In Search of “Good” Rural Data: Measuring Rural Prosperity

Economic and demographic data drive research, policy development, distribution of government resources, and private investment decisions. But many of the...

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Redesign Required: Principles for Reimagining Federal Rural Policy in the COVID-19 Era

This is the first in a two-part blog series on principles, ideas, and implementation considerations essential to ensuring that development...

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Rural Frontlines and COVID-19: Reporting from the Field

Turn on the radio or TV. Open a newspaper or website. COVID-19 is front and center. Photos from New York,...

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Introducing Thrive Rural: Connecting Rural Development, Health and Opportunity

One in five people in the U.S. lives in a rural or tribal community. Many rural places are dynamic and...

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Rural Development Hubs Report

This report focuses on the role — and aggregates the wisdom — of a specific set of intermediaries that are doing development differently in rural America. We focus on Rural Development Hubs because they are main players advancing an asset-based, wealth-building, approach to rural community and economic development.

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Place-Based Shareholder Engagement: Where Community and Corporate Purpose Meet

Last week, the Business Roundtable, a powerhouse collective voice for business interests, released a new statement redefining corporate “purpose.” In it, they...

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Rural Development Hubs Executive Summary

In this brief we preview initial topline findings from the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group’s interviews with more than 40...

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Hand in Hand: Community Economic Development in Tupelo (1999)

It would be easy, contemplating the riveting story of Tupelo’s growth since 1940, to imagine that it is unique, engendered...