Erin Cahill

Associate Director of Communications

Erin Cahill is a dedicated communications leader adept at developing and executing strategic initiatives across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

At Aspen CSG, she skillfully intertwines diverse topics in rural development to drive narrative transformation, foster cross-sector connections, and maximize impact. She facilitates gatherings of communication professionals, enabling them to exchange strategies, amplify initiatives, and foster a sense of community. Erin emphasizes the importance of equitable rural prosperity by actively seeking and amplifying the diverse voices of rural practitioners and advocates in Aspen CSG’s products, events, and partnerships.

Before joining the Aspen Institute, Erin led digital campaigns, editorial strategy, and marketing efforts at the Case Foundation. Employing innovative storytelling techniques, she effectively conveyed the equity challenges in the social sector, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Erin also previously worked for the economic program at Third Way, a DC think tank, and in a teaching position in Madrid, Spain.

Pairing a global storytelling perspective with a small-town NC upbringing, Erin is passionate about advancing equity so rural communities and Native nations are healthy places where everyone belongs, lives with dignity, and thrives. 

Outside of work, Erin enjoys playing tennis and spending time outdoors. 

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