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Insights and recommendations to do rural development and rural health differently—moving collectively toward equitable rural development with projects grounded in place and a people-centered vision of community impact.

What Is Possible When High-Speed Broadband Comes To Town

Center on Rural Innovation (CORI)

The impact of high-speed broadband in rural America can be transformative, enabling job attraction, innovation hubs, youth tech education, entrepreneurial growth, and improved health outcomes. Learn what’s possible when high-speed internet comes to town from five innovative communities across the US.

The Equity of Economic Opportunity in Rural America

The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI)

Research on rural America’s economic opportunity from CORI highlights growing disparities due to the knowledge economy’s focus on urban areas. It emphasizes the need for equitable policy and investment in rural regions to address systemic inequities and enable rural participation in the knowledge economy.

Federal Farm Bill: Big Impacts in Rural Communities

Rural Development Initiatives (RDI)

Despite its name, the Farm Bill impacts far more than just farmers and ranchers. It’s a complex package of federal legislation signed into law every five years that has sweeping effects. Rural Development Initiatives explains what’s in the Farm Bill and what it could mean for rural communities if the Farm Bill is not extended.

Research Brief
Regional Clusters and Rural Development

Brookings Institution

Implementation of the Build Back Better Regional Challenge offers an enormous opportunity to advance how regional approaches can benefit — or disadvantage — rural places.

Research Brief
Connecting MSI and Rural Research report cover
Connecting Minority-Serving institutions and Rural Research

Exploring the potential for MSIs to produce more rural research and integrate rural perspectives into established and developing rural-focused research systems. 

Resources to Advance Rural Prosperity & Racial Equity

ChangeLab Solutions

Resilience and ingenuity are hallmarks of rural communities, stemming from their unique cultural and social histories. Given the diversity and varied strengths in rural places, policy solutions need to be tailored to the conditions and lived experiences of people in those communities.

Person looking through binoculars is birdwatching near a body of water
Learning to Grow Equitable Outdoor Recreation Economies

Discussion with rural leaders on the opportunity equitable outdoor recreation economies pose to rural areas.

Research Brief
MSI research report cover
Building Trust and Visibility Through Community-Based Participatory Research at Rural Minority-Serving Institutions

This research brief explores how rural MSIs and approaches to community-based participatory research can be used to better understand MSIs’ nature and practices.

A Recipe for a Rural Policy Renaissance

Brookings Institution

In a podcast episode, Brookings Senior Fellow Tony Pipa shares lessons from rural residents about how to effectively support rural communities across America.

Webinar: Successful Strategies for Small Business Support in Rural Communities

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC)

Mar. 13th, 2023, 2PM

Rural entrepreneurs face significant roadblocks to needed resources, preventing more businesses from forming in rural areas. In an IEDC webinar, experts share strategies and tools that would support rural small businesses.

Connecting to Family, Community, and Heritage in Eagle Butte, South Dakota

Brookings Institution

In a podcast episode, Brookings Senior Fellow Tony Pipa visits Eagle Butte, South Dakota, to hear how local business owners, tribal administrators, and leaders from the Four Bands Community Fund are working to build credit and center local voices in development.