Research Brief

Research Brief
Connecting MSI and Rural Research report cover
Connecting Minority-Serving institutions and Rural Research

Exploring the potential for MSIs to produce more rural research and integrate rural perspectives into established and developing rural-focused research systems. 

Research Brief
MSI research report cover
Building Trust and Visibility Through Community-Based Participatory Research at Rural Minority-Serving Institutions

This research brief explores how rural MSIs and approaches to community-based participatory research can be used to better understand MSIs’ nature and practices.

Research Brief
Equitable Food systems report cover
Using Networks To Build Collaborative And Equitable Food Systems

This brief focuses on local food systems as vehicles for collaboration and racial equity among multiple stakeholders and networks.

Research Brief
Defining Rural Success Report Cover
What (and Who) Counts? Defining Rural Development Success

There are no easy solutions for the many challenges that rural Americans face, but it’s clear that rural communities themselves...

Research Brief
Rural Health Practices Report Cover
Rural Development and Rural Health Practices: Trends and Opportunities for Alignment

This first in the Thrive Rural Field Perspective Series describes the main trends and catalysts for change that emerged from...

Research Brief
Community Strategies Group Thrive Rural, Rural Public Health and Health Care: A Scan of Field Practice and Trends, by University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
Rural Public Health and Health Care: A Scan of Field Practice and Trends

This field scan is a contribution to Thrive Rural, specifically intended to provide an understanding of the state of relevant...

Research Brief
Report cover
Measuring the Cost and Accomplishments of Capital Subsidies: The Case of Rural UDAG Grants

Document provides background into nature of Urban Development Action Grant Program (UDAG), differentiated from other programs in that the grants require letters of commitment from the developer and at least 2.5 dollars of private investment for every dollar of UDAG funds.