Climate Change

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What is the Community Prosperity Approach?

An equitable community prosperity approach seeks to improve health and economic outcomes for rural communities, not simply to preserve their current status.

Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action — Executive Summary

Executive Summary document for Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action. Get quick takeaways and recommendations for action.

Image of report cover. Text reads, Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: Five Principles to Improve Health and Economic Outcomes for Rural Communities and Native Nations
Through Natural Disaster to Prosperity: A Call to Action

Need actionable steps in your equitable disaster preparedness or recovery work? This report highlights best practices from the field.

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Charging Ahead: Rural Workforce For Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles

With the recent funding boost and equity lenses in mind, we’ve highlighted two ways climate and infrastructure policies offer exciting opportunities for rural.

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Support Local Efforts for Eastern Kentucky

See our curated list of local resources and organizations aiding relief and recovery in Eastern Kentucky.

Pathfinders: Climate-Smart Solutions from Rural America and Native Nations

Jul. 16th, 2021, 1PM

Event PowerPoint Presentation ROADS CLIMATE PRESENTATION Speaker Resources Union of Concerned Scientists Resources Killer Heat Report and Killer Heat Interactive Map Underwater...

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Environmental Justice Practices & Resources for Rural Communities

Practitioner insights and resources on rural environmental justice, including ideas on just and equitable energy transitions.