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The Learning Network's MSG thinking & action framework: what it is and how to use it

Fund Management, Structure and Governance

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Case stories that exemplify each of the community fund structures described in Covering Rural Territory are also available online.

Thinking and Action Framework:
Covering Rural Territory

Covering Rural Territory: A Framework of Rural Service Structures for Community Foundations is a guide for community foundations that want to think creatively about how to better serve the rural territory within their service areas. It describes six coverage structures that a community foundation might consider:

For each of these potential structures, Covering Rural Territory then examines the following chacteristics:

Covering Rural Territory represents accumulated knowledge from a decade or so of intensive work with community foundations that serve rural areas. Use it at a board/staff retreat, when a new funder approaches your foundation, or whenever you need to actively engage your board, staff and other stakeholders in determining the best coverage structure for your organization and region.